Top 10 Cloud Storage Solution Providers 2016
Company Name Description
Acronis Offering cloud infrastructure for providing managed and self-service backup, archiving, and storage as a service for partners and customers
Box Box is a secure content management and collaboration platform designed for digital-age processes and work styles
Cloudian Provides software solutions for service providers and enterprises to manage cloud storage needs
Cogeco Peer 1 Provider of cloud, hosting, managed IT, security and recovery, connectivity, and collocation optimized to meet agility, flexibility, and scale eBusiness applications demand
Computer Design Integration Cdi A provider of cloud-based IT solutions and managed services
Softheon Softheon architects and deploys cloud based health insurance exchange remediation platforms
Softnas Provider of software-defined NAS solutions to protect mission-critical data
Virtuozzo Provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure software to service providers, ISVs and enterprises
Xxl Cloud Provider of next-generation secure cloud storage service
Zadara Storage Offers enterprise storage-as-a-service, delivering high-performance, highly available file and block storage